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Top Signs That You Need Transfer Case Repair Or Replacement

by Saint Kian

Your 4WD car is probably one of your significant investments. You drive it with care and take it for servicing once in a while to keep it in top condition. But that is not enough to prevent your car from having mechanical issues. Wear and tear and aging are some of the main factors contributing to many mechanical problems. One of the main issues that can affect your four-wheel drive car is a damaged or worn-out transfer case. And here are signs that you need to repair or replace it.

Trouble Shifting Between Two and Four-Wheel Drive

A transfer case is installed in four-wheel drive vehicles, allowing the driver to engage and disengage the 4WD mode. So if you are having trouble shifting from 2wd to 4WD and vice versa, please note that the case is damaged or malfunctioning. It can malfunction due to impact damage, overheating, fluid leakage, and worn-out related damages. If shifting from one drive mode to the other isn’t as smooth as it should be, your case should be repaired or replaced.

Unusual Noises and Sound Coming from Underneath Your Car

The case is located underneath your car, just behind the transmission. If you notice an unusual sound or noise like grinding or squeaking coming from the case, know that you might be having a serious problem. The sound can be due to components inside the case grinding against each other. You should disengage the 4WD mode immediately and stop the car to prevent further damage. Then you should call your mechanic to inspect the case and fix it. If it can’t be fixed, you will have to replace it.

The Car Won’t Stay on Four-Wheel Drive

If the 4WD mode is getting engaged but disengages on its own, know that your car is having a transfer case problem. Cars with terrain recognition can shift from 2wd to 4wd and vice versa on their own. If your car doesn’t have the feature, it should not disengage 4wd mode on its own. If that happens, that indicates that your car’s case needs to be repaired or even replaced, depending on the level of damage.

Fluid Leaks from the Case

Transfer cases have fluids for lubrication. If you notice fluid leaks from the case, know you have a problem. Probably the case has been hit when driving on a bumpy road, or its seals are worn out. You can easily refill the fluid. However, it is essential to find out what caused the leak and fix it. It is advisable to call an expert to inspect the case and offer the best solution.

Check Engine Light Turns On

When driving your car with a damaged transfer case, your engine computer system will detect the issue and turn on the ‘Check Engine’ light. Some cars will light on the 4WD light, while others turn on the automatic transmission warning light. Don’t ignore the warning lights. Just call an experienced mechanic to check the car and repair it.

The Car Won’t Shift Gears Smoothly

If your car struggles to shift gears, that can indicate a transmission problem. It can be a problem with the clutch (manual vehicles), low-level transmission fluid, and damaged gears. A problem with the transfer case can also make it hard to shift gears in manual and automatic transmission vehicles.

Unpleasant Burning Smells from the Unit

If the fluid in the case has reached a critical level, there will be increased friction inside the unit leading to increased temperatures. The high temperature and components grinding against each other can produce an unpleasant burnt smell. If you notice a burning smell coming from the case, know that all is not well.

Your Car Won’t Shift to 4WD Mode at All

Your car should shift from 2wd to 4wd mode smoothly. However, when your car doesn’t shift from 2wd to four-wheel drive mode, know that the transfer case is having a problem and should be checked to know if it needs repair or replacement. Please don’t force it to shift, as that might cause more damage. You should call a car mechanic to repair it. If the mechanic says that the unit is worn out and should be replaced, do so to avoid such a problem soon.

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