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Things You Should Avoid Putting Of Drain

by Saint Kian

Are you suffering from a frequent drainage blockage system in your home? There are many reasons behind the drain blockage. You can also apply various ways to unblock drains Molesey. One of them is putting the wrong things inside the gutter. Here the things you should not put in your drain pipe are given below:


The eggshells have sharp edges that catch other things and create clogs in the bathroom. You may think that the crushed shells will go down and drain smoothly. But not. So, keep the eggshells away from the drain to unblock drains Molesey.


If you pour grease inside the pipe, it will stick inside the drain. It makes the entire line to be clogged with grease. It would help if you did not put down oil-based things in the gutter, such as cooking oil, mayonnaise, butter, fat etc. First, let the grease cool down and dispose of it in any trash box.


Never flush the expired medication or crushed medicines in the drain pipe. It not only creates clogs, instead it harms the environment. So, you can use the medical waste container system from the Bracknell drainage services, especially for medication products.

Coffee Grounds

Some garbage disposals can handle the coffee grounds, but not all garbage disposal can do it. Putting them into the pipe can create clog and firm blockage issues. You can use the used coffee grounds for making compost. This will probably be the best way to keep your drain clogged-free.

Flushable Wipes

The wipes inside of the drain can combine with other materials like grease and creates clogs inside of the gutter. Sometimes, it gets tough to remove those dipper knots tied with wipes and cause potential damage to the drain. So, keep those wet wipes away from the drain all the time.


The municipality is instructed to use separate trash boxes for latex and oil paint. It would help if you always disposed of colour in other water, even not with other wastes. Apart from that, the colours are sticky substances that catch other wastes and creates clog there.

Motor Oil

The motor oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze items should be kept out of the drain pipe. It not only creates blockage inside the line but also contributes to environmental degradation. So, keep these things away from the drain pipe.


Some companies claim their diapers to be flushable. But this is not the case. The smelly diapers get stuck inside the bathroom and create permanent blockage in the drain. So, never put those diapers in the gutter to avoid the blockage issue.


These all are the things that can make your drain clogged. So, please don’t throw these items into your drain pipe. You can also contact Bracknell drainage services to check your drain pipe often to keep the drain blockage free. Hopefully, the article has helped you solve your drainage issue.

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