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How To Get Rid Of Bluebottle Flies

by Saint Kian

To eliminate it, you must address these two facets of the Bluebottle fly’s existence. You must first eliminate the primary breeding source, which is what gives bluebottle flies their existence. The adult Bluebottle flies that have already infiltrated your home and might give you further harm must then be eliminated. Want to know how to get rid of bluebottle flies? Then let’s help you out.

Destroy The Breeding Source Of The Flies

In this part, we will detail how to get rid of the Bluebottle Fly’s breeding source. Because you can’t go on to the following stage without completing this one, it is a necessary one. Because they will continue to populate their breeding site to irritate you no matter how many traps you set. Let’s discuss the steps.

Make sure to note the location of their breeding. Keep in mind everything you already know about bluebottle flies, including what they feed on and where they are most at home. For instance, search for rotting material outside your home or in areas of your house you don’t frequent but are accessible from the outside. If you feel you cannot do it alone, it is best to hire pest control wholesale.

Eradicate The Adult Flies

The adult bottle flies are the only thing remaining once the Bluebottle flies’ breeding supply is destroyed. All of your issues will be resolved if you remove these blue bottle flies from your home since there won’t be a breeding ground for the population to spread. Let’s talk about the approach you may use to remove them permanently.

  • Fly Sheets:These papers have a distinct aroma that the flies find alluring, drawing them in. Because these fly sheets are highly sticky, they become immobile and unable to fly when a fly rests on them. These fly sheets are inexpensively accessible on the market.
  • Plastic fly traps are called disposable fly traps to exude a strong scent that attracts flies when submerged in water. The blue bottle fly gets inside the tarps, but because of how they are made, it is trapped within and is unable to move or escape.
  • Sprays Containing Chemicals:These substances can quickly kill or eliminate the bluebottle fly. These sprays respond quite quickly, which is why so many people choose them. However, one crucial aspect of these sprays is that they are extremely poisonous and unsafe for the environment. They are harmful to kids and animals as well.


A common household pest is the blue bottle fly. Protophormia Terraenovae, which is its Latin name, is another name for it. It is a member of the Calliphoridae family. In Europe, the species is widely distributed. This fly’s abdomen distinguishes it from common house flies. It has a distinct metallic gloss and is a light blue colour. Those are the flies’ knights. They have small antennae so they won’t tangle when the flies attack them from all sides. They also have spiky armour to protect them in battle and four tarsi on each leg! These primary characteristics set the blue bottle fly apart from other species. If you want to get rid of them, you must hire an expert pest control wholesale service and let them help you.

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