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How To Become A Good Criminal Lawyer

by Saint Kian

To have a specialized person to handle criminal cases, you would require a criminal lawyer. These lawyers represent the state or any party who gets charged with crying. Regardless of the side that these lawyers choose, the responsibilities of these lawyers are to argue on behalf of their clients.

Speaking about a career in criminal law, you can earn a good salary depending on the location and the specialty of the option that you choose.

Let us look at the skills and qualifications you require to earn a career in criminal law.

Who Is A Criminal Lawyer

A criminal defense attorney prosecutes defense organizations or individuals involved with criminal cases. They have the specialization to take care of conduct that is considered endangered or harmful to the public. It can be related to the moral welfare or safety of the property.

Governments usually impose or define penalties for any criminal misconduct. It helps to moderate the action of the people while helping them realize the consequences.

Duties And Responsibilities

As a criminal lawyer, it becomes the responsibility of a person to

  • Gather And Identify Witnesses
  • Conduct Interviews Of The Witnesses
  • Developed Strategies That Can Help Them To Win Cases
  • Examine Pieces Of Evidence And Crime Scenes
  • Draft, File, And Counter Appeals
  • Help To Build Good Defenses


However, many drug crimes defense lawyers tend to take Pro bono cases. In such cases, the lawyer works in the favor of the public without taking any kind of payment. Sometimes handling high-profile cases can help the lawyer to get huge media coverage.

Steps To Become A Criminal Lawyer

If you are fascinated with a career in criminal law, you need to follow these steps.

·        Completion Of Basic Education

As you come towards the end of your 10 + 2 education, you need to start your preparation for the law entrance examination. With this preparation, you can appear for such examinations. At the same time acquiring 50 to 60% marks in aggregation in your board examination becomes applicable. For your information, you can look out for examinations, including the Common Law Admission Test, All India Law Entrance Test, Symbiosis Entrance Test, and Delhi University Law Entrance Test.

·        Graduate As A Lost Student

It becomes necessary to complete the bachelor’s degree in law. And an accredited college or university can be helpful in this situation. You can opt for two ways to earn a bachelor’s degree in law. First, you can pursue an LLB degree. This degree solely focuses on legal studies. Whereas, the second way is to focus on a BA LLB degree. It is an integrated course. After you graduate with one of these degrees, you can start your Independence practice. Or, if you want, you can also work in and for any legal firm.

·        Pass The Bar Examination

After earning the bachelor’s degree, you can appear for the bar council examination. This examination would help one person appear for supreme court or High court cases.


·        Pursue Post-Graduation Or Doctorate

Especially if you want to take your legal studies further, you may pursue a doctor’s degree. If the doctorate allows you to start your career, it would be best to do a post-graduation in law degree.

·        Gain Work Experience

In parallel to your course of studies, you can also gain work experience under any established criminal lawyer. It will help you to achieve specialization or field experience.

Is It A Dangerous Career

Criminal law may not be necessarily a dangerous career option. But as a lawyer one can have several professional and personal risks. If you are willing to take such a risk, you can carry on with such a career option.

The nature of criminal lawyers’ work can be stressful. An unhealthy lifestyle with no fixed hours of work can be difficult at times. Due to this reason, few people apply as criminal lawyers. Additionally, the thought of being interested in and engaging with criminals, and victims of crimes constantly can put your life to threat.

Besides, depending on the track record and experience, the career can offer good remuneration. Legal practice is often said to be an evergreen field. With plenty of opportunities for skilled lawyers, one can take up criminal law or become a DUI defense attorney in their career. At the same time, the starting salary of any law graduate student can go up to five figures.

Bottom Line

As you earn your degree as a lawyer, you must acquire the skills like analytical and research skills, negotiation and integrity skills and determination. Lastly, good communication skills can help you to earn a lot of success in this career.

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