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10 Habits which Will Destroy Your Car

by Saint Kian

The cars are very expensive and therefore must be taken very good care of. We will not only look at how damaging these habits are but also find out why people do these things. People should not take their vehicles for granted because it could end up destroying the vehicle beyond repairs in some cases, which means spending even more money on repairs, choosing to buy car accessories online, or going to an authorized service.

10 Bad Car Habits That Will Shorten Your Car’s Life

These are about 10 bad habits that you must avoid doing if you want your car to last for a long time and here is the list.

1: Not Washing Your Car Regularly: It seems like such an easy thing but don’t forget how dirt accumulates over time and covers everything underneath it, rendering everything under it unidentifiable. So basically, due to the accumulation of dirt, your car is not identifiable. Besides, you can use certain interior car accessories such as car air freshener to keep it well-groomed and refreshing.

2: Carrying Excess Weight: This one is bad from the get-go everything on your car was carefully placed and weighed and then installed there for a reason. When you put additional weight onto it or remove some of that weight (excessive jerks while driving) you’re upsetting the balance. Avoid carrying excess weight/stuff in your car as it will damage its suspension over time.

3: Going Over the Speed Limit: The faster you drive, the more strain you put on your engine. Squeezing out those extra MPG’s will also cause more harm than good. Check how much money you spend on fuel per month and if it’s excessive, try to minimize the use of your car for short trips.

4: Not Replacing Old Tyres: If you’re using old tyres which are worn out then not only will they damage the outer body of your car but also reduce its grip on the road. Thus, making it hard to maneuver and decreasing your safety especially in bad weather conditions. You must take care of these exterior car accessories and keep checking the tyres frequently.

5: Leaving Your Car Parked for Extended Periods of Time: You know how rust spreads like a plague. Leaving your car parked for 2-3 days (or longer) at a stretch is inviting rust to attack it from all angles. This gets worse during monsoons as well.

6: Filling Petrol When It Reaches Half a Tank: Always try to fill your petrol tank when it’s half-empty. If you only let the fuel reach half a tank and then have to refill it, it will damage the engine by causing carbon build-up.

7: Throwing Out Your Car’s User Manual: Keep that user manual of your car or better yet download a digital copy from the manufacturer’s website for easy reference. These manuals have valuable information on how to maintain everything under the hood so if you want to get maximum mileage out of your car, definitely don’t toss them in the bin!

8: Leaving Handbrakes Unreleased When Parked Up:  Always make sure you release the parking brake to its full extent. There should be a little handle on either side which you pull up and then fold again. This is bad as if somebody bumps into your car, this will come loose and your car could roll downhill resulting in damage/injury.

9: Ignoring Warning Lights: It doesn’t matter what warning light pops up on your dashboard, stop and park at the side of the road to check carefully what exactly that warning light means and take necessary action quickly. You might unknowingly ignore several warnings and then suddenly damage something important due to which you’ll have to pay double the price.

10: Running Out of engine oil and steering Oil: Running out of oil while driving can lead to severe damage. The reason is that when oil starts to run low in the engine, the metal parts in it start to grind against each other and that causes friction which can damage your engine if not repaired on time.

It’s all about practicing safe habits and following these 10 tips will ensure a healthy and long life for your car.  Keep your car free from scratches and you must know how to remove scratches from car. Your car needs love too; you need to make sure you give it regular maintenance and above all else avoid bad habits like not washing your car or throwing out its user manual. Now that you know how harmful they are, try cutting down on them.

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